Picture of a Basketball going through a basketball hoop

Amenities and Initiatives

This is a list of information about what is in the area both for what teh community owns and runs and also what amenaties there are in the area

Activities and our Park

Has information on the following:

  • Community gardening
  • Recipe bag collection
  • Summer Fun Days
  • Street Parties
  • Community Facilities
  • The Safe’Ouse
    • After School Clubs
    • Youth Clubs
    • Private Hire
  • Dings Park
  • Basketball Court
  • Main Park

Community Amenities

Coffee & Food

Includes a list of all the coffee & Food places in the area (this is constantly growing with the area)

Pubs & Bars

Includes a list of all the local drinking spots in the area to hang out at.

Clubs & Entertainment