Dings community AGM

April ’23 roundup of the Dings


On Wednesday 10th May we will be holding the Dings Agm, and community meeting. Doors open at 6pm for a 6.30 start, at the safe ouse, in the park. Come along and support the community you live in. Tea, coffee and biscuits on offer.

Sally Casely

The Dings Jazzmen were back

The Invisible Circus

development plans for St Philip’s Marsh mean Invisible Circus has to move out from Unit 15 on Sussex Street before the end of the year. Premier Business Park is being demolished to make way for student accommodation and a supermarket.

Invisible Circus’ director said that “the loss of spaces like these will have a notable impact on the city’s cultural landscape”.

Jump Studio

On May 29th we are heading into space 🪐

Find star patterns in the night sky, visit the astronauts on the Space Station, discover different space shapes, or hold a meteorite from outer space in this immersive planetarium experience for all ages.

Then from 5pm, adults can immerse themselves into psychedelic surround sound.
Imagine putting your head inside a music video. Imagine the video playing all around you. Pink Floyd 360° will immerse you in both music and visuals.

Question to the facebook group was put out there by Becky Kaser

Please help solve an argument… Is there a cockerel in the dings? 🐔

The answers seemed to be a mix of yes and no – the question remains


Several people have asked me what was on the now-lost sign that I saw on my first visit to the Dings in 2012. In a simple way it tells the history of the district and those that lived here from Anglo-Saxon times. The image of it once being ‘a grazing meadow where withies grew’ is beautiful and moving.

On the back of the sign there was also a list of lost places like Lucky Lane 1885, Paradise Place 1886, Whipping Cat Hill 1886 and Cookes Gardens 1901.

A couple of galaxies hanging out above courtesy of Lee Pullen

Two more astronomy photos taken from the Dings, through the murk of light pollution above our heads… The pair of galaxies are 12 million light-years from Earth 🤯 The colorful picture is a nebula where new stars are forming — only 3000 light-years away, so a stone’s throw compared to the galaxies

Police shut down mass gathering in Bristol park as hundreds turn up in St Philips

“We estimated more than 300 people were able to access the site prior to police attendance. A police presence remained in the area, with officers successfully preventing more people from entering the site.

“The music was turned off and the majority of people who were at the site have now left. We will continue to monitor the site.”

‘All day and night’ 16-hour rave is back in Bristol with new location

This year promises to be its biggest yet, with stages inside and outside Trinity Centre on Saturday, May 20 from 2pm until 4am. Lost Horizon will also be sharing the love and offering music throughout the day – with separate after parties at Lost Horizon from 9pm and Dare To Club from 11pm.

Development News

‘Big milestone’ for new Bristol Rovers stadium

Contracts have now been exchanged by Conygar Bristol Limited with the owners of Bristol Fruit Market for the land at St Philip’s Marsh on which the market is currently located.

A new stadium for Rovers could be built as part of the regeneration of the site, which a club statement says “represents a great opportunity for the region and the football club”.

Midland road shops update courtesy of Steff Foster

The row of derelict shops that have been empty for ten years, are in the process of being made into flats, builder told me today as I was walking past.

Looking at the planning application it will be 8 new flats – no pictures yet though.

Building work to start soon on Bristol Uni’s new £500m campus

The university has signed contracts with construction company Sir Robert McAlpine to enable work to begin on the £500m Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus, which is now due to open in September 2026.

The site will be home to 4,600 students and 650 staff, with some 900 students due to be housed in new accommodation blocks on Temple Island accessed across Brock’s Bridge.

Temple Quarter partners sign off on funding agreements

The agreements enable the Temple Quarter partners to draw down and spend the nearly £95m awarded to the project by central government in June 2022. The signing of these agreements reflects each partner’s ongoing commitment to working collaboratively. The partnership, alongside the University of Bristol, aim to transform 130 hectares of brownfield land to bring new homes, jobs and opportunities to Bristol and the region.

Historic building in Old Market set to undergo major redevelopment

The National Lottery Heritage Fund in order to enact much needed repairs to the historic building. These changes will create space for increased accommodation, facilities and spaces for young people.

But 1625ip aim to extend this project beyond physical repairs and are using the opportunity to launch a heritage project that explores the history of the building and the area.