June’23 roundup of the Dings


Our Monthly roundup of the chatter in the Dings. Upcoming Fun Day, a trip to the SS great Britain, a sad business farewell and welcome to another.

Youth Club SS great Britain visit

From Sal Caseley :

We took 17 Dings young people to the SS Great Britain, what a fab day. Thanks to Luis and Tania for organising.

Party in the Park announced

Anyone wanting to get involved please contact us, all welcome!

and from Tania Paterson:

Hi All, with a summer fun day in the planning, the young people from the Friday night let’s play session will be trying a bit of fundraising – keep an eye out for some arts, crafts and cakes which they will be making over the next few weeks and selling on the day to support raising funds to keep the youth club going.

Tania Paterson

Central Parking Zone permit fees to increase fivefold

A Piece about the future of Residents parking zone future pricing.

Bristol’s cabinet member for transport has said that “there is no evidence” that residents’ parking schemes have reduced car usage but they have contributed to increasing short-term car journeys inside the zones.

Don Alexander has used his latest blog to introduce proposals that could see the cost of parking in the city centre quintupling.

9 incredible photos capturing St Philips and Barton Hill before huge regeneration

Shared by Irene Dickenson:

Barton Hill tenants association club, Blind owl coffee co, Forest Bakery, Former Chapel, Lord Nelson Pub, Manor scrap metal, The rhubarb Tavern, St Vincents works and an old victorian factory.

Photography by Lee Pullen

From The Dings and into the cosmos! This is my most detailed astrophoto yet, taken as always from my back garden in The Dings. Start to finish, it took two months. The photo shows The Pinwheel Galaxy, which is a collection of one trillion stars. Well, now a trillion minus one, as during the course of making this photo a supernova was detected! This exploding star would have actually detonated 21 million years ago, but it’s taken light from the blast all that time to reach us. When the supernova actually happened, the Earth was in the Miocene epoch — a long time before even proto-humans. 🔭

Vegan doughnut shop to close after ‘running out of ideas and money’

A Sad goodbye to one of the local businesses under the arches

Future Doughnuts opened in September 2021 within a converted railway arch and quickly established itself as a popular destination.

Co-owners Kay Stanley and Andrew Horne say they have “really, really, really tried to make things work” at their business on Oxford Street in St Philip’s “but we have run out of ideas and (quite frankly) money to keep going”.

Greggs opens in Templemeads

We know some of you were rather excited by this so thought we’d share a picture – it’s now open (since June the 8th) in the unit that used to be McColls. Note that there is also a shared M&S food store inside Templemeads.

Cheese Project

The Cold Homes Energy Efficiency Survey Experts (C.H.E.E.S.E.) Project is a Bristol-based not-for-profit CIC that aims to reduce domestic energy losses, at low cost: surveys start at just £135 and are free to people in poor housing conditions and in fuel poverty. Our unique thermal-imaging surveys identify where your home is losing heat and we will suggest remedies. This gives you the information you need to make low-cost impactful remedies to save money, improve your comfort and wellbeing, and reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint. Read more about how a survey works.

Development News

Shared by Nola Hersey:

Civic Society slams Temple Island plans as ‘unattractive’ and too tall

“Instead, the site is to be laid out with a series of buildings of varied height but mostly tall. Despite some architectural relief, these buildings are largely orthogonal in nature and located around the periphery of the site.

“We are concerned that this layout will create an unattractive environment at ground level which would be exacerbated by the effects of the tall buildings on wind currents.

“The Society would prefer a far greater sense of enclosure and intimacy at ground level and we feel that the proposal’s aspiration of creating a square in the centre will not work well with the proposed layout.

Midland road shared by Steff Foster :

The row of derelict shops that have been empty for ten years, are in the process of being made into flats, builder told me today as I was walking past.

Details of planning are here.

Courtesy of Zoe Thomas:

Proposed development for over 600 student flats on the Calor Gas and surrounding industrial estate? It will overshadow most of Kingsland Road and other parts of the Dings. The Invisible Circus have lost Unit 15 too. More information is available here.