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March ’23 roundup of the Dings


Kids eat Free (courtesy of Helen Iona)

A friend of mine passed this along – I don’t think I’ll be eating at any Gordon Ramsay restaurants for the free meal but there are a range of other options https://moneysavingcentral.co.uk/kids-eat-free

City Nature Challenge 2023: West of England (Bristol and Bath)’s Journal

There was a callout to get involved in this with a FREE online City Nature Challenge training. The project is still ongoing if you want to get involved follow the link in the heading or message them on their facebook page.

Learn how to conduct wildlife recording using iNaturalist on your allotment, community garden or local green space ready for this spring’s City Nature Challenge.

Join the online session this evening 6.30 – 7.15pm to find out:

  • 🐝 how wildlife recording can help your green space
  • 🔍 how to use iNaturalist to identify species
  • 🌿how to take part in the City Nature Challenge
  • 🦋 how to run a local event for recording wildlife with friends, family or your community
  • 🌳 how to organise a guided nature walk to engage people with nature

We had snow (courtesy of Nola Hersey)

Snow Pictures from the 8th of March 2023

Barton Hill History Group on Facebook had a talk (courtesy of Sol Allan)

This Saturday at our Community History Day we are very lucky to have Lynne Hapgood coming to meet us to talk about her dad’s life on Barton Hill.

Lynne’s dad was Eddie Hapgood, one of the greatest footballers ever to play for England and he grew up on Barton Hill.

Lynne will be speaking at 1.30pm at the St. Anne’s Board Mills Social Club in Avonvale Road.

Orion Nebula – its okay it isn’t a new build! (courtesy of Lee Pullen)

My comet photo got a lot of likes, so here’s the latest image taken from my back garden. It’s the Orion Nebula, a star factory 1400 light-years from The Dings!

Bristol shop owner says ‘we have no choice but to keep pushing through’

The owner of a vegan doughnut shop near Bristol Temple Meads says that economic uncertainty, high inflation and soaring rents mean that her business currently has “no choice but to keep pushing through”.

Development News

Bristol Temple Quarter Development Framework Consultation – Was closed

Feisty exchange with London-based developer over planned student flats in Bristol

The plan is to build 637 student flats on an industrial estate in The Dings

One local resident who didn’t want to be named told Bristol World that they lived opposite the site where the student blocks would be built and was ‘very worried’ about the scale of the proposed buildings and the impact on their ‘right to light’.

Another local resident was concerned that the planned development was car-free apart from four disabled parking bays. “Where will people park when they visit the students? There is already residents’ parking permits around here, and what about all the delivery vehicles for the students and also the proposed supermarket?”

Changes needed due to bridges being built for cancelled arena

They have become known as the ‘bridges to nowhere’, both built to connect to an arena that never came

Comments from residents include:

The tagging makes everything in Bristol tatty and horrible and what a waste of money tut tut

Wow, so they have to build up the island to the height of the bridges now? And this is saving us money….

The area of Bristol that could soon become unrecognisable

Today it has a gym, a decorating trade centre and an electrical trade centre.

But within a few years, this corner of Bristol could have landscaped garden and cycling hub as well as a 16-storey tower containing hundreds of student rooms.

A press release promises that the latest development in St Philip’s Marsh “will focus on placemaking, enhancing connectivity and biodiversity”.

Wates update (Courtesy of Sarah Booth)

Last week some residents from the Zone & The Dings were invited onto the Wates site on Anvil street opposite the Plaza & Atrium. This 210,000 square foot, eight-storey office block will be a landmark building for Bristol’s rapidly growing Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, with completion set for Q1 2024. It will be the same height as the flats it faces and stagger up to the height of HMRC on Avon street.

Facilities will include a secure basement area with 290+ cycle stations and car parking with provision for 19 car park spaces with 4 for electric vehicles, an events space, ground floor café, fitness facilities including changing rooms and showers, as well as landscaped areas outdoors providing flexible working spaces.

and from Sal Caseley:

“A number of weeks ago we were due to relocate the tower crane onto the top of the central core. Sadly during that weekend we had a number of issues with the mobile crane breaking down.

The council wouldn’t permit the works to take place sooner than 4 weeks on.

Therefore the works will now be taking place on the 15th and 16th of April for the installation of the tower crane onto the central core. This work will be over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

Just thought we’d give plenty of notice of the works being planned.”

Meeting Place Communications

Facebook page where you can keep up to date with “Legal & General is preparing plans for a new vibrant urban quarter at Temple Island in Bristol. We’d like you to be involved.”