March 2024

March’24 roundup of the Dings & Community meeting


Our Monthly roundup of the chatter in the Dings. Date of the next meeting for the dings community group is 23rd May 6:15 for 6:30-8pm at the Safe ‘Ouse

Old Pictures of the Dings

Tom Smith posted:

Just found this photo showing Temple Meads and a bit of the Dings in 1931 – and some others added by Ian Batten.

The Cosmos pictures by Lee Pullen

From the Dings to the Cosmos! The weather’s been awful recently, so it’s taken a long time to produce this picture. As always, it was taken from my back garden in The Dings. It shows The Flaming Star Nebula, which is around 1500 light-years from Earth, and measures 5 light-years across. Its stand-out feature is the bright flaming star itself, AE Aurigae, seen as the brightest point in this image. It wasn’t formed in this nebula, but rather in the Orion Nebula around two million years ago. Two pairs of binary stars collided, and the flaming star was flung out into space, making it what’s known as a runaway star. At our point in time the flaming star is passing through this nebula, lighting it up from the inside.

A feature about Lees photos in Bristol 24/7

Urban astrophotographer reveals Bristol’s dazzling starlit sky

The Butterfly Nebula lies 4000 light-years from Earth. This photo spans 80 light-years, but the area it occupies in the sky is only twice the size of your thumbnail held out at arm’s length

Upcoming Elections info from Helen Iona

We have a council election coming up in May – they will want ID to vote for the first time. If you don’t have ID you can get some through this link.

Apply for Photo ID to vote (Called a ‘Voter Authority Certificate’)

Also from Helen:

You might remember the murder of Darrian Williams that took place near Old Market last month. The family haven’t wanted any fundraisers for the funeral etc, but they are putting their support behind getting bleed kits in accessible places.

Here’s a link if you want to donate

BS2 Booty, buy, sell, swap

Shared by Sarah Booth as a good place to buy and sell in the area

Handy Person recommendation

Can anyone recommend a plumber please. I have a leaky toilet issue. Thanks! 🙏

Reply from Sarah Booth: Marty can do most things as a handy person, maybe try him? 07860 873866. I’ve not used him but he was working on some of the flats at the Zone when I met him, seemed good.

Development News

No new news but a piece about one of the houses in Barton Vale

Hope for neighbours after problem council house left empty for more than a year

Residents of a road in Bristol say they hope there will finally be an end to years of issues from a nightmare neighbour, after the city council confirmed it was about to re-let the house to a new tenant. But in Barton Vale, a normally quiet cul-de-sac in The Dings, there is frustration and criticism for Bristol City Council ’s housing department for letting the problem continue for so long, and then for leaving the home empty for more than 18 months.