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May’23 roundup of the Dings


Dings Coronation Day

There was sadly no event but plenty of neighbours put out the flags to celebrate – pictures courtesy of Nola.

Basket Ball Court Parking on the grass

The local amenities, whilst open to all, are aimed at supporting the local community and children. Whilst everyone is welcome to use it we are aware that some groups are coming down and parking on the grass near the safe’ouse which ruins the grass play area. The children made some colourful posters to reach out and put the message across.

The geese have been showing off their Goslings

They’ve been spotted all over the place including by the water as you would expect.

A Sad Farewell to Bev & Maureen and a welcome back to Ian: courtesy of Nola

Lots of movement in Tyler Street this month. Great to have Ian back in his sparkly new, improved white house at the end 🙂

And very sad to see Bev & Maureen and the Jenkins family move on to pastures new. Both were long standing Dings residents and will be missed 🙁

Special call out to Bev, the oldest paper boy in The Dings. He collected the Metro paper from the station every morning for those no longer able to walk there. 🗞

Dings Textile Quarters’ Lizzie is a Sewing Bee Contestant

Sharded by Sola Allman: Well, well, well. We have Dings representation in The Great British Sewing Bee. Lizzie from the Textile Quarter on Barton Road (who knows I’m sharing this post from Mick Dickinson ). Go Lizzie xXxXx

Repair Cafes

Somoene was asking about repairing used electricals, so just in case anyone else is also interested in repairing rather than simply throwing away their used items we thought we would check out what else was available and came up with the following info from this page:

Photography by Lee Pullen

Two more astronomy photos taken from the Dings, through the murk of light pollution above our heads… The pair of galaxies are 12 million light-years from Earth 🤯 The colorful picture is a nebula where new stars are forming — only 3000 light-years away, so a stone’s throw compared to the galaxies.

Morning photoshoot in The Dings Park 📷

Zac Posted about a litter picking initiative

Hi @everyone check this out, me featured , Please come and join us

We also do litter picking alongside community Gardening on the first Sundays of every month which you are also all welcome to join in with.

Trial scheme information

Sign posted by Steff Foster

We are excited to present our plans for the trial scheme that will help make Barton Hill and parts of Redfield and St George quieter, safer and healthier places to live and spend time.

Have a look at the plan below, or take a closer look at the trial measure and see what local streets will look like once it’s underway.

Find out more at drop-in info sessions and walkabouts throughout May and June.

‘Deliberate’ fire ignited near Bristol Temple Meads station

This time it wasn’t Ian – he was busy having visitations of all sorts in his newly refurbished house.

Development News

No new info on all of the developments.