September’23 roundup of the Dings


Our Monthly roundup of the chatter in the Dings. A Fun Day was had by all, the Jazzmen returned, regular footie sessions and the Invisible Circus call time :/

The Dings Fun Day

The Dings Fun Day ran – and a Fun Day was had by all. The invisible circus popped along, there was a tug of war, all the regular fun and the local Dings Jazz men brought some laid-back chill to the earlier proceedings.

The Dings Jazzmen

The Weather was good and the Jazzmen were great. Lots of neighbours out having a drink and enjoying the music.

Weekly Football sessions

Football for 12 – 15-year-olds in the park every Thursday, with Luis 4.00 to 5.30pm (Girls welcome too!).

Community Gardening

The first Sunday of every month we do community gardening – all welcome. Big thanks to Steph, Sally and the Thomson Family for helping out & Nola who came out later and planted strawberries.

Jump Studio

These lovely people took their vitamin E (exercise) to look after themselves as the nights are getting darker

Totally smashed it, kicked Mondays butt, had a laugh and listened to some TUNES ❤️

If you wanna join us hit the link in the facebook details, or book via Move GB or SayYuup 🙌🏻

Super local to you guys in Jump Studios 👌🏻😉

Feeder Canal Residency

We are running a number of activities in the coming months and are looking for members of the nearby public to participate. In particular, we are looking for participants for our ecology walks around SIlverthorne Lane. If you know of any people or community groups that would be interested in participating please let us know.

Our walks are scheduled for Friday September 29th which includes a Mini Bioblitz (2 sessions) and a Bat Walk in the evening and a Fresh Water Survey (2 sessions) of the Feeder Canal on Monday October 16th.

We will also be hosting a public event on Saturday November 11th at Screenology (just off Gas Lane) about the Feeder Canal with talks, screenings, workshops and food.

All of the information about what we’re doing can be found on the residency’s website.

Hannah More

From Helen: For anyone thinking about primary school next year, our local school, Hannah More Primary, has some open days and evenings coming up.

Lee Pullen’s amazing night sky pictures (and Balloons from the Fiesta)

From the Dings to the Cosmos! This is The Cygnus Wall, a turbulent region of star formation. It’s about 20 light-years long, or put another way, about 1.3 million times longer than the distance between the Earth and Sun! As ever, this photo was taken from my back garden in The Dings.

Invisible Circus call time

The Saddest news with the loss of the invisible Circus – It even made the Guardian news. It was AMAZING .. such a loss for the area – if anyone has an option for them they need a new warehouse and area to run all their amazing things. They have been regularly supporting the Dings Fun Day for free and bringing some amazing acts to the area. Their full setup up though was simply amazing – a mix between Dismaland, Circomedia and Rockaway Park.

Handy (from Sarah Booth)

I met a handy man doing some work at the Zone and he was happy for me to put his details out there for anyone that might need jobs doing and does gardening his name is Marty (he’s a jolly fellow) 07860 873866

Development News

There was a call out for feedback from a couple of sites

Concorde Way – Southern section early engagement

Have your say

The survey asks for feedback on the following sections of Concorde Way:

  1. Section 1 – Frome Gateway development including Riverside Park up to Junction 3 of M32
  2. Section 2 – Junction 3 of M32 up through Mina Road to the railway tunnel
  3. Section 3 – Muller Road crossing point and allotment area

You can take part in this early engagement exercise by filling in the survey by Sunday 22 October 2023. Feedback from the survey will be taken into consideration when we finalise the proposed designs to improve the route.

Bristol City Centre Development and Delivery Plan

The City Centre Development and Delivery Plan (DDP) sets out a vision and strategies for the regeneration of Bristol city centre. It also identifies key changes required in the coming years to the city centre streets and spaces and the way land is used for development.  These focus on the Broadmead and Castle Park areas particularly and will help transform these areas into more inclusive, sustainable and connected places and create a green, safe and vibrant city centre. 

and from Irene:

Temple Quay photos show how Bristol business district has changed

We took a look back in our archives to see how the area has changed – scroll down the gallery in the link. This gallery was first published in 2021 and has been updated for 2023